Aragon Approves The Bill To Simplify And Streamline Administrative Processing

The Government of Aragon has given the green light to the bill that develops and applies Law 1/2021 on Administrative Simplification, the last step before sending it to the regional Parliament for the processing of this new regulation that will entail relevant changes in the relationship with the Administration of citizens and companies.

The objective of this law is “to clarify and lighten administrative procedures”, as stated by the Minister of Presidency and Institutional Relations of the Government of Aragon, Mayte Pérez, in the press conference after the celebration of the Governing Council.

Pérez has added that this law is the project that can become “the seal of this legislature”, and has specified that this reform seeks to “make the Administration agile and useful both to citizens and to investors who want to invest in Aragon”, for which measures such as “the simplification or elimination of procedures or the reduction of deadlines by half” have been carried out.

The head of the Presidency has made reference to the relevant change that the administrative silence, which until now had to be understood as a refusal to what was requested by the administrator, now automatically becomes an authorization.

In addition, it has mentioned that it includes a catalog of services, which the citizen can consult to “know the steps to be taken or the application model to present” and other information that makes it an “intuitive and agile” document.

Likewise, it has detailed other measures such as replacing prior authorizations or licenses with responsible declarations or communications, reducing the time limits for issuing reports and opinions or reducing the documentation to be provided.

The counselor has indicated that this law gives development to the Law of Administrative Simplification approved in February has needed a long drafting process because it has meant the repeal of 92 norms of equal or lower rank, adding that with it a work of sanitation of the legal system.

The standard promotes greater efficiency, since it tries to minimize unnecessary or accessory administrative burdens, favoring responsible statements and prior communications. In its application, it tends to rationalize the management of public resources.

The development of this bill is directly linked to the Aragonese Strategy for Social and Economic Recovery, approved in June 2020 and which underlines in various articles the need to achieve greater agility in administrative activity.

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