10 Neighborhoods Where The Price Of Housing Rises The Most After Covid

The price of housing for sale has begun its recovery, leaving the consequences of the pandemic behind. In September, the average price of used housing stood at 1,813 euros per square meter , which leaves an increase of 4.5% compared to the price of the same month of 2019 according to data from idealista. In this context, which are the neighborhoods in the country where housing has become more expensive after the covid?

An analysis by idealista collects the neighborhoods in which the rise in the expectations of the owners has grown the most in the last two years, comparing the price they registered in September 2019 with September 2021. Most of them are in Andalusia, specifically five of the ten neighborhoods where housing has become the most expensive .

The first position is for the Las Salinas neighborhood in Roquetas de Mar (Almería), which has seen its homes increase in price by 46.3% in these two years, reaching a price of 1,870 euros / m2. With percentages above 40% there are also Golf Guadiana, in Badajoz (41.4%), the neighborhood of La Concepción in Cartagena (41.3%) and Marbella Nagüeles (41.2%), where prices reach 1,014 euros / m2, 1,317 euros / m2 and 3,440 euros / m2, respectively.

In Las Rozas de Madrid, Caño-Maracaibo ranks fifth, since housing has become more expensive by 39.6% in the last two years . It is followed by three neighborhoods located in the province of Malaga: Las Brisas (38.1%) and Bello Horizonte-Lindasol (34.1%) in Marbella and Guadalmansa (33.8%) in Estepona.

In the city of Alicante, housing in the Juan XXIII neighborhood is 30.4% more expensive than in September 2019, placing its price at 713 euros / m2. Above 5,500 euros / m2 is the price of housing in the Genova neighborhood , in Palma de Mallorca, after experiencing an increase of 29.5% compared to September 2019.

The most expensive neighborhoods in Spain
Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastián are home to the most expensive neighborhoods in the country in terms of housing. In the capital there are six of the ten neighborhoods with the highest price , the first of them is Recoletos, where the square meter exceeds 8,000 euros, according to Idealista data. Specifically, in this neighborhood of the capital the price of housing reaches 8,448 euros / m2, after rising 0.7% compared to September 2019.

Recoletos is the most expensive neighborhood in Spain, exceeding 8,000 euros / m2
In second place is the San Sebastian neighborhood of Miraconcha, another classic among the most exclusive neighborhoods in the country, with a price of 7,251 euros / m2, despite the price of housing falling more than 6% in the last two years.

Back in Madrid, the third step of the podium is for Jerónimos, with a price of 6,917 euros / m2 after rebounding 2.6% after the pandemic. It is followed by the Romantic Area of ​​San Sebastián (6,869 euros / m2) and then three Madrid neighborhoods, Castellana (6,861 euros / m2), Almagro (6,545 euros / m2) and El Viso (6,421 euros / m2). Pedralbes is the first Catalan neighborhood in this ranking (6,125 euros / m2), which continues with Lista in Madrid (5,963 euros / m2) and closes with Les Tres Torres in Barcelona (5,959 euros / m2).

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